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Camper - every driver's dream. This minibus adapted not only to travel, but to live in it. Traveling by camper means to spend their holidays enjoying a nice luxury and the freedom to control their own time, in complete comfort. If you choose this way of traveling You are not dependent on the travel agent's schedule, you are not attached to the hotel - what could be better? That trip - a unique pleasure, and it costs a lot cheaper than traveling by conventional travel agencies offered ways. If you plan to travel with your family or friends (4-7 people) would be much more convenient to rent a camping car. Camper are equipped with everything you need for travel, leisure: bed, kitchen, fridge, shower, toilet, heating, gas cooker. All models are equipped with air conditioning, GPS, TV, Radio - CD player.

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Camper Fiat 739 M - is the latest touring car for the European market. Year of manufacture 2015. Characterized in that a spacious, long and perfectly accommodate seven people. There are 7 beds and 6 seats. It integrated with everything you need for the modern man needs. Air conditioning, GPS, TV, Radio - CD player, electronic lighting control, and other innovations. This tourer redeem all expectations! This new camper is perfectly suited for the winter holiday. Such camper advantages such as high volume, heating function, allowing to plunge into a long journey. And it does not matter whether leisites the mountains in the Alps in winter or to visit the hot side of Portugal. Traveling by camper this time of the year will not prevent the implementation of their holiday plans.
Camper Fiat Yes 692 - the year 2014. 6 seats and 6 beds. This is one of the most successful solutions. In this tourist car  you will feel at home and find everything you might need for your unforgettable journey, air conditioning system, GPS, TV, Radio - CD player and all the rest.
Camper  Fiat Yes 690 - the year 2013. 6 seats and 6 beds. This tourist car will feel comfortable, because Camper integrated all you need for your holiday: cooling and heating equipment, GPS, TV, Radio - CD, and everything else you need for each day of travel.
Camper Rentals - From 69€ to 120€.
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