Rental Conditions


  1. Requirements for a Hirer
  • The hirer must have a valid passport and a valid category B driving licence. The hirer must also have at least 3 year‘s driving experience and be over 25 years old.
  • The hirer of the car is allowed to go abroad, but the hirer is obliged to make sure that the country that is visited is on the green card (European civil liability insurance for vehicles) list and / or that the vehicle‘s CASCO insurance is valid there. Otherwise, the hirer must insure the car at their own expense prior to entering the country.
  • When filling the car‘s fuel tank or at the start of each day, the hirer must check and, if necessary restore the levels of oil, coolant and brake fluid and maintain the proper tire pressure.

If a camper breaks down during the lease, and the repair costs more than 60 EUR, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the car owner prior to making repairs. The owner must reimburse the hirer all the costs associated with the camper‘s repair, if the need for repairs is not the fault of the hirer if  and the owner has given his consent. If the camper breaks down due to the fault of the hirer, the hirer must repair it at their own expense. The camper repair must be carried out in FIAT-Authorized Service (otherwise the consent of the owner must be obtained) and a full invoice must be presented.   FIAT Service Help Phone: 00800-34281111

  • In case of any accident, vehicle damage or theft, it is necessary to call the police, to ensure that the event is investigated by the police, and all insurance documents are duly filled in.
  • The hirer must also inform the car insurance company about the vehicle‘s breakdown or accident in accordance with CASCO insurance rules.
  • At the end of the lease term, the hirer undertakes to return the car cleaned and with a full fuel tank.
  1. Payment:
    • The contract becomes valid when the hirer pays the deposit of 600 EUR, which remains with the owner as a deposit during the travel period. When the contract becomes valid,the owner undertakes not to hire out the vehicle to anybody else and not to use it during the period of the contract. The deposit is returned if the following conditions are fulfilled:

2.2. The returned car is clean inside. If the car needs to be cleaned, an additional fee of 50 EUR will be taken;

  • The car is returned with a full fuel tank. If it is not full, an additional fee of 120 EUR will be taken;

The deposit of  600 EUR is returned to the hirer if no damage has been done to the vehicle.

  • No extra charge is allowed to travel 500 km per day for each leased. For every subsequent kilometer charged 0.1 EUR.
  1. Receiving and returning the camper

3.1. The car should be received and returned to the owner at the agreed place and time which are stipulated in the contract. The transfer-acceptance act, which is an integral part of the contract, will be signed when the hirer recieves the car.

  • The transfer of the car shall be conducted only after the hirer pays the full rental price.
  • Both parties evaluate the leased camper‘s condition before the transfer to the hirer. All exterior or interior defects have to be itemized and signed for. On return of the camper, the hirer must pay for any additional damage from deposit of 600 EUR and if there is any additional equipment damage, the hirer must take responsibility for the repairs himself. If the parties do not agree upon the amount of damages, an assessment will be carried out by independent experts.
  1. The Owner’s obligations:

4.1. To prepare the car for use and to check the technical condition of the car at their own expense.

4.2. To transfer all relevant documents to the hirer (contracts, transfer-acceptance act, technical pass, green card, technical service card).

4.3. To transfer the car to the hirer with a full fuel tank and technically sound and roadworthy.

4.4. To reimburse the hirer for any car repairs which are not the fault of the hirer and where the owner has given his consent, and has recieved an invoice for repairs from the hirer.

  • When the hirer returns the vehicle to the owner, the owner must give the hirer  the deposit of 580 EUR if the deposit  amount is not reduced for the reasons described in the contract.
  1. Lease refusal

5.1. If the hirer doesn‘t pay the deposit, mentioned in secction 2, within five (5) calendar days after the signing of the contract, the Treaty is considered to be invalid and the owner is under no obligation to fulfill it.

  • If the hirer terminates the contract with the owner after booking the car, and the car is not then hired by other customers, the owner will not return the deposit to the hirer.

5.3. If the owner terminates the contract with the hirer on his own initiative and does not offer an alternative car to the hirer, the owner is obliged to repay the hirer the deposit and also to pay a fine of the same amount, due to contract failure because of the owner’s fault. The deposit and fine payment must be made to the hirer within five (5) calendar days after the owner‘s has announced that the the contract has failed.

  1. Other:

6.1. The lease start and end dates are fixed in the transfer-acceptance act. If the hirer  is late returning the car, the hirer has to pay to the owner a fine of one-day‘s rental price for every two (2) hours which the car is overdue, unless otherwise agreed by the two parties.